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Premier Jazz Orchestra

Big Band Swing Excellence


Premier Jazz Orchestra brings the excitement of Swing and Latin to a new level!   Featuring top vocalists and incredible musicians, PJO will keep you on your toes with smokey ballads, up tempo barn burners and all things in between.   Let us know how we can take your even to the next level. 

Premier Jazz Orchestra: About

Meet The Band

Our Premier Jazz Orchestra Members!

Alto 1 - Grady Dickinson

Alto 2 - Hope Erickson

Tenor 1 - Alan Wyatt

Tenor 2 - Maycee Spence

Bari - Keith Guillot

Trombone 1 - Brian Poteet

Trombone 2 - Doug Warner

Trombone 3 - Mike Wert

Bass Trombone - Jim Baldree

Trumpet 1 - Stephen Bearden

Trumpet 2 - Barkey Bryant

Trumpet 3 - Tommy Bulman

Trumpet 4  - David Henry

Piano - Marquis Dotson

Bass - Patrick Keeling

Drums - Matt Turnure

Guitar - (Contact us to audition)


Valerie Duke

Michael Smith

Sharon Schwab

Landis Batts

Ellie Henry

Jermaine Purifory

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